Birth Doula Profile - Emille Sewell

Originally from Puerto Rico, Emmille brings the high positive energy and majestic vibe everywhere she goes. Since her youngest years Emmille has been fascinated by the female body and its incredible ability to carry, nurture and deliver life into the world. She views pregnancy/childbirth as the most beautiful and important time in a woman’s life.
After the normal series of trials and tribulations one goes through during their individual professional journey, she concluded what she had been previously doing for work was not complying cohesively with who she was. She has been on the search for her purpose or “calling” ever since and was completely oblivious to an opportunity of a career as a birth doula. As she is naturally bearing of nurturing characteristics and aiding qualities, one day her mother mentioned the idea of becoming a doula to her and she was immediately captivated by it. After extensive research on the industry and path as a doula, she decided this was what she would pursue as it aligned most with her values and goals.
Emmille is excited to continue learning and educating herself to be able to commence providing support, comfort, information and general assistance to mothers and families. She whole-heartedly trusts in women, their maternal instincts and their powerful potential to execute their vision of an ideal pregnancy and labor experience. However, she also believes that particular to the circumstance that is pregnancy and childbirth, having that go-to support person with all the knowledge and skills necessary to catapult that into reality is indeed an advantage. Emmille wishes to create a personalized safe, calm, stress free environment for your baby to bloom inside your womb the way it was intended to. She plans to guide you in preparation for this monumental moment in your life that is to be honored and respected as so. Also, she will apply different techniques (I.e massaging, acupressure, positioning, verbal encouragement) according to your body’s needs and reactions to the little miracle inside you when it’s time for him/her to be born.
In her spare time Emmille enjoys cooking/eating, exercising, sleeping, cuddling her (sister’s) cat Chichi and spending time with her family. It is Emmille’s honor to be able to contribute to your story and join you in this thrilling stage of you and your family’s life!