Postpartum Doula Profile - Marie Doucette, CD(DONA)

As a young child, Marie loved babies and baby bumps! By the time she was 11 years old, her mother had delivered four children. Life at home with her siblings became a hands-on training, complete with babysitting, at-home daycare, and working with little ones. Later in life, Marie became the mother of four children and a grandmother of two. Becoming a caring birth doula and also a supportive postpartum doula has given Marie a chance to share not only evidence-based knowledge but also years of “mother wisdom” and experience.

Marie realizes that life with Baby is a new journey for you and your family.  She knows how vital rest is for a mother healing from delivery. She will encourage you to bond with your baby and learn your baby’s language by reading their cues. Marie will share various ways to soothe your baby, and will help identify what each type of cry means. She will also assist you with your baby’s changing sleep and feeding patterns.  

Marie makes it her goal to assist you in organizing your time to meet the sometimes challenging transition into parenthood. As Marie lovingly teaches you how to care for your newborn, helps with light housework, and shares easy menu ideas and suggestions on things to bring when you take your baby on outings, she offers a listening ear, and even a shoulder to cry on. She recognizes that the first few weeks home with Baby can be stressful for all in the family. Her caring demeanor, encouraging words, and friendliness are often just what new parents need. Marie looks forward to helping you along the first steps in your parenting journey.

Marie resides in Exeter, New Hampshire. She has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She had three natural births and an augmented, medicated birth. She has also experienced three early miscarriages. Marie possesses deep compassion and understanding for women and families that have experienced fertility issues and loss.

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