Lactation Education & Consultations 

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Lactation offerings:

Comprehensive Lactation Package: $800.00 (a $150 savings)

Visit One: Private In-Home Breastfeeding Class 

Visit Two: First Day Home Visit ( 2-3 hour visit)

Visit Three: First Week Home Visit (1-2 hour visit scheduled approximately one week after First Day Home Visit)

Visit Four: Home Visit (1 hour follow-up visit scheduled approximately 2-3 weeks postpartum)

*Price includes phone and text support from birth through end of visit four

3-Hour Private In-Home Breastfeeding Class:  $300.00

Enjoy a private class in the comfort of your own home.  Learn the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby(ies), the mechanics of breastfeeding, things to do right after birth to promote breastfeeding, your baby’s feeding cues, proper positioning and latching, how to tell if your newborn is getting enough milk, answers to common concerns, how to use a breast pump, and resources for after baby arrives. Family and/or support people are welcome to attend.

Breastfeeding Phone Consult (up to 1 hour):    $60.00 (within 24 hours of payment)

Our lactation expert will provide a comprehensive evaluation of any immediate parental concerns. This assessment will aid the consultant in determining if your breastfeeding questions can be handled over the phone or if an in-home visit is necessary. Some breastfeeding concerns can be resolved with this phone call. Others may require further phone calls or home visits.

3-Hour Individual In-Home Lactation Consult:   $300.00 (within 48 hours of payment)

This individualized consult will include an intake assessment of any breastfeeding challenges you may be facing. As there can be a wide range of breastfeeding issues, our consultant will listen to you carefully and recommend the best practices and possible solutions to resolve your concerns. She will provide a manageable written plan of care for you and your baby. Some breastfeeding issues can be assessed and resolved in one visit. However, further visits may be required.