Birth Doula Profile - Tuly van Prehn Duprat

Tuly van Prehn Duprat’s philosophy regarding birth is almost the same as with everything else in her life; information, support, and instinct are the main things any woman needs during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period to have a satisfying, empowering birth experience. Her role as a doula is to care for you and help you achieve your birth goals, in a calming and secure environment.

Over the years of serving as a doula, Tuly has worked in many different situations, proving to her over and over that women are stronger than they think they are. Their bodies know how to give birth and their instincts often guide them through this amazing experience.  Tuly loves witnessing the moment a mother receives her most precious gift at the end of labor, her beautiful baby. Her path as a doula began in her childhood home of Brazil, as she helped her mom labor, and observed the birth of her sister in the family home.  That was the most magical moment in Tuly’s life, and this experience guided her to be the doula she is today. Specific area of interest include Psychiatric illness, specifically anxiety disorders.

Tuly employs the use of the rebozo, a traditional Mexican shawl and wonderful tool used during labor. She was taught simple techniques using the rebozo by Mayan midwives. These techniques have shown her repeatedly that at times, simple things can really make all the difference in a mother’s birthing experience. She uses aromatherapy and acupressure points during labor and birth, and is a Hypno-Doula, certified by Hypnobabies®. Tuly is professionally trained as a Dancing for Birth Instructor, has trained with Spinning Babies to help relax and open up space for babies during their journey through the pelvis, and is really “hands on” with massage.

It is Tuly’s pleasure and joy to help women in labor and birth. It’s where she found herself. And she looks forward to helping YOU!

Our practice provides an unbiased and professional approach during the prenatal, birth and postpartum period. Your needs will be accommodated to create a personal and unique experience. Our team is dedicated to providing you with care based on the most current ACOG and AAP evidence-based guidelines and research.

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