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Birth Doula Profile - Bryanne Bradley
Currently Taking Medically High Risk Births Only 

In 2004, Bryanne Bradley received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Dance. Post-college, Bryanne spent many years in the healthcare industry before becoming a DONA Childbirth and Postpartum Doula.  A resident of the South Shore sector of Massachusetts, Bryanne enjoys working at local small hospitals as well as traveling to Boston’s renowned medical facilities.

Becoming a Doula was an easy decision for Bryanne, due to her passion for maternal care, for offering infant care guidance, and knowing the importance of supporting families during the postpartum period, or “the fourth trimester”. She believes that every family should have a birth story they are proud of and that it “takes a village to raise a family”.  Her education allows her to connect with families and deeply understand the intricate design of all family units.  Bryanne’s degree in Dance aids her tremendously when helping mothers with positioning while in labor, teaching movements to help with labor progression, and finding the ideal positioning for the baby. 

Bryanne has found her niche working with families of multiples. As a mother of twins, she has a specialized skill set, including knowledge about birthing and raising twins, and enjoys this work immensely. Bryanne also enjoys supporting high risk pregnancies, including pregnancies with Twin to Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS), breach positioning, preeclampsia and uterine rupture. She also has experience with vaginal twin delivery, VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean), autism and clients with physical disabilities. She is experienced in supporting mothers of various cultural backgrounds and in many versatile family units, keeping her well-rounded.

When offering postpartum Doula support, Bryanne assists families in creating a good schedule that works for them, helping with routines, and also anticipating the unexpected, especially for parents of multiples. Bryanne specializes in overnight care and sleep training.  She supports breastfeeding, including tandem feeding of multiples and the unique feeding needs of premature babies.

A proud mother of four children; a son (2009), a daughter (2010), and identical twin girls (2013), Bryanne’s experiences as a mother are notable, as she has had four children in a period of three short years. Each of her three childbirth stories are unique and have driven her in the childbirth industry, increasing her compassion for others. Bryanne looks forward to sharing her knowledge, support, and encouragement with you throughout your birthing experience and beyond.

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