Birth Doula Profile - Brenna Burke Weber

Originally from the South, Brenna moved to Boston after completing her undergraduate degree at Trinity College to pursue her Master's in Public Health from Boston University. She has been academically interested in pregnancy and birthing since high school, but fell in love with providing support for pregnant and birthing patients after studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. After observing midwives, nurses, and physicians vehemently care for patients through births all across the spectrum, she was inspired to get involved in the birth world herself.


Brenna is humbled by each birthing team she is able to be a part of. After her time in Cape Town, and her academic research on racial inequities throughout care during pregnancy and birth, Brenna is a staunch advocate for reproductive justice. Following her time as a sexual education teacher and a sexual violence intervention trainer, Brenna is passionate about supporting pregnant and birthing people through a trauma-informed and judgement free lens. 


Brenna believes that being a doula is about creating an atmosphere where the birthing person feels in control and respected, not only during labor and delivery, but throughout their entire pregnancy. To Brenna, to be a doula is to hold space, for any and everything you need. Whether this means providing physical support through hours of counter pressure, emotional support through the uncertain moments, helping with older siblings, or educating partners on how to provide support themselves, Brenna is dedicated to doing what she can so you can have a fulfilling and empowering birth. 


In her spare time, Brenna is taking care of her one year old and applying to medical schools to be an OB/GYN. In addition to support during pregnancy and birth, Brenna also offers pre-natal support, post-partum support, support during and/or after loss, and breastfeeding support. Brenna is excited to meet you at any part of your journey and honored to provide the support you need. 

clients is seeing parent meet their child for the first time. She is honored to be apart of such a personal experiences in the life of a family.