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Birth Doulas NH

When you choose Birthing Gently as your birthing support partner, you're not just benefiting from the expertise of some of the finest doulas in New Hampshire – you're embracing a comprehensive journey of care that extends beyond childbirth. Our unique approach revolves around the strength of our Birthing Gently community, which includes seasoned doulas, dedicated educators, skilled lactation consultants, and nurturing bodyworkers. Our network of professionals is committed to your holistic well-being, ensuring you have all-encompassing support throughout your prenatal and postpartum experiences.

Our commitment to your well-being goes further. We also offer enlightening parent education groups led by our in-house experts, giving you a chance to connect with other families and gather invaluable knowledge for your parenting journey.

At Birthing Gently, we are firm believers in the concept that it takes a village - a well-trained, evidence-based village - to nurture and support a healthy family. Our philosophy centers around the strength of community and inclusivity. We're not just a service; we're a supportive, nurturing community that understands the importance of embracing diversity and inclusivity in every aspect of the birthing journey.

Discover for yourself why more than 6000 families have made the inspired choice of Birthing Gently as their preferred community for birthing support. Join us, and invest in the care and support that your family truly deserves.

Comprehensive Birth Doula Services 


Virtual Interview (free of charge)

  • 2 virtual/in-person prenatal meetings 

  • Phone/text/email support from the date of hire

  • On-call 24/7 for labor support (from 2 weeks before due date)

  • In-person labor support for vaginal birth and scheduled cesarean section birth

  • 2hrs immediate postpartum support following delivery

  • Guaranteed back up doula for in-person birth support

  • 1 Virtual/in-person postpartum visit within the first two weeks of delivery

  • Birthing Gently community groups and services discounts

Birth doula services are $2400 for your comprehensive package. 

Your retainer of $1800 engages your primary and backup doula. 

Your balance will be invoiced at 35 weeks of pregnancy. 


Doula services are eligible for reimbursement with flexible spending accounts (FSA) & Tricare Insurance. Employers we have worked with that cover doula services include: Carrot Fertility, CVS & Microsoft

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