Birth Doula Profile - Alexis Commodore

From a very young age, Alexis has always been drawn to healing and compassionate professions. She first decided to become a nurse at the age of 16 as a patient at Boston Children’s Hospital. Alexis graduated nursing school from Drexel University and has been working as a Pediatric Emergency Nurse for the last 6 years. 

Alexis has been combining her passion for community work and international travel since high school. In 2007 and 2008, Alexis volunteered with Amigos de las Americas facilitating sustainable community projects in Guanajuato, Mexico and San Isidro, Costa Rica. In 2013, while Alexis was still in nursing school she volunteered for 3 months in El Hospital de Niños in San Jose, Costa Rica. 

In May 2017, Alexis was introduced to the role of doula by a coworker. The following weekend she took a DONA Birth Doula training at Harvard. Alexis quickly became enamored by the physiology and spirituality of the birth experience. Inspired to become a part of the birth worker community, Alexis became part of an organization called Wombs of the World. Through Wombs of the World, Alexis was able to volunteer as a Doula in Tanzania and Ecuador. In Tanzania, Alexis got to observe maternal health care in a rural setting and provide support in the birth room. In Ecuador, Alexis was able to shadow indigenous midwives while they supported the postpartum needs of women in their community. Alexis is proud to be part of an organization that values sustainability, facilitation and decolonization as a means to reproductive justice globally. 

Over the last few years, Alexis has continued to educate herself through workshops and certifications such as Spinning Babies, an Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula Training, and a Full Spectrum Doula Training through Ancient Song. Alexis is a Full Spectrum Birth Worker and Herbalist and she entered this world looking to serve her community. She is excited to support people in a new capacity and loves to teach others about childbirth and maternal and child health. She also supports and teaches self advocacy and bodily autonomy while navigating the health care system. 

When Alexis is not attending births, she can be found reading books, attending to her plants, taking pictures, and making medicine. One day Alexis aspires to be a midwife but she is currently enjoying her journey getting there.