Birth Doula Profile - Abby Ortiz
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Abby Ortiz, Birth Doula and Community Outreach Assistant


Abby Ortiz is from Haverhill. She is blessed to be the mother of a sweet girl, Alannah, who was born in July of 2010. Abby loved pregnancy and enjoyed every phase of labor and delivery. This joyful experience led her to become a Birth Doula. Her delivery was serene and handled with delicacy. She knew it was for the best interest of her infant daughter to maintain calm. Her birth story may be uncommon but she believes it is something definitely possible for each mother. Abby knows pregnancy,  along with labor and delivery, are monumental phases in every women's life. She would really like to help create a calm environment for you, the birthing mother, as birth is her passion.


Abby considers herself to have a very positive spirit. She avoids negativity and always look for the light in every situation. She loves being a mom and has no regrets about giving up a busy social life in order to spend more time with her daughter. She feels that being a mother and providing her daughter with a healthy and happy life is her greatest joy. 


Abby has worked as an optician for many years, however, her knowledge of childbirth has increased her desire to play a supportive role to pregnant women. It is with great honor and integrity that Abby holds the title of a Birth Doula. She looks forward to sharing her knowledge and experience with you during this joyous time in your life. 


Abby also serves as a Community Outreach Assistant for Birthing Gently. She reaches out to area providers and helps with organizing 'meet and greets'. She also makes sure that providers have the most up-to-date information about the agency. When she is not spending time with her daughter, attending births, or visiting providers' offices, Abby can be found with her nose buried in a book.