Birthing Gently Birth Doula Apprentice Program

Our Birth Doula Apprentice program was established in 2010 by founder Tara Poulin. All of the Birth Doulas listed below have attended the DONA International birth Doula workshop, taught by Tara Poulin. The students listed below are in the process of completing the requirements towards certification, or have completed certification and are trying to gain more birth experience. These Doulas are available at a significantly lower rate. If you are looking for a Birth Doula with extensive training & experience, please visit the Experienced Birth Doula’s page.

Lorie Michaels
Lorie Michaels (DONA International Trained Birth Doula)

I believe there is no calling higher than supporting your sisters in creating the most magnificent, peaceful, and empowering entrance into this world for a child. I have studied healing arts, became a counselor, worked with children and moms. In my own son's birth, I created a space wherein I was totally surrounded by love and joy - my own experience was truly wonderful and I revel in the memories. My goal is to create that kind of space for the mothers I work with.

The women I have had the honor of supporting and witnessing in childbirth are goddesses and have my utmost respect, admiration and humble appreciation. My job as a doula is to support you in your decisions, share what I know, give you comfort and be there for you and your family. Congratulations, and I wish you a beautiful pregnancy and birth. Namaste.

Amy Ohara
Annie Collyer (DONA International Trained Birth Doula)

I celebrate being a doula, and part of the team that makes labor and birth a positive and affirming experience for each of my birth Moms and their partners. I feel that pregnancy, giving birth and raising children to develop into all that they were meant to become, are some of the most special and greatest joys in a woman's and a family's life. I am thrilled to help to reduce pain and fear, and to enhance the birth experience. When you choose to have me be your doula, I support you in developing and implementing your individual birth plan, and team up with your partner in comforting and supporting you through your labor-both physically and emotionally.

I was raised in a single parent home with lots of family challenges. It was and is my goal to nurture positive family creation both for my own four children and five grandchildren and for the families I am privileged to touch.

I have always been drawn to Coaching and Teamwork with young women and teenagers in both community and faith-based groups, from youth group leadership, to leading discussion groups, to being a room mother, to coaching others in real estate development. I am currently serving as Chairperson of the Recreation Commission in my town and am a CASA volunteer.

In the past I have been an analyst on Wall Street, an insurance consultant and a real estate developer. I attended Cornell and NYU, with degrees in English Literature and American History.

Anna Wei (DONA International Trained Birth Doula)

I am completely fascinated with everything about pregnancy, birth, and the newborn. I first became a doula because I am an aspiring nurse midwife and thought becoming a doula was my first step to understanding more about birth and gaining valuable hands-on experience. Now I’ve realized that I am a doula because of so much more. Birth is such a sacred moment that I always feel blessed when a mother or a family chooses me to be their doula.

My philosophy on birth is that it is much like life itself. Unpredictable and yes, at times scary and chaotic, but completely normal and natural. Everyone comes into birth from different circumstances but has the right to choose their own path. It is an incredible journey where everyone involved must focus on little moments. Love, comfort, and support gets you through. Each birth is as unique as the little life that's produced from it.

I received a BA in Environmental Studies from Mount Holyoke College and have been farming organic vegetables and flowers since graduation and am in transition out of farming full-time to being a doula and hopefully a midwife full-time.

During my free time I like to hike, run, read, cook, do pottery, knit, paint, and be a beekeeper.